Milliard Handspun 4' x 6' Natural Jute Rug, Thick and Sturdy, Beautiful look and Matches all Color Schemes, Environmentally Friendly

Cute JuteMilliard Handspun Jute Rugs are one of those versatile household furnishings you can feel good about to bring a rustic, organic feel to any room - whether your styling is country, post-modern, or industrial. Its personalized, hand-spun weaving, earthen coloring, and the near-indestructible fibers are synonymous with family values and all things natural. Your home will look cute with jute!Why Give a Hoot About Jute? Jute is a hardy, fibrous plant that makes a completely natural substitute for typical industrial materials, used in making sackcloth, burlap, and rope, so it's durable, but environmentally sound. For centuries, jute has been an integral part of the culture of India and Bangladesh, but its value as a versatile and renewable resource is renowned today.Jute's for BootsJute is a pretty coarse material, so you wouldn't want to snuggle up to it, but it's fantastic for scraping dirt and grime off your shoes. The fibers act like bristle-brushes to clean between treads, and the extra thick braiding traps mud before it tracks through your home. If the mat catches more than its fair share of dirt and grime, just give it a good shake and a wipe and it's as good as new! Product Features• All Natural Jute Fibers• Biodegradable • Handspun • Reversible • Size - 4 x 6 FeetMilliard Handspun Jute Rugs are carefully manufactured with function and style in mind for years of satisfaction and durable use. Also, be sure to check out other great products by Milliard!
Dimensions: 669 x 921 x 4669
Size: 4'Wx6'L
Color: Tan
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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