Moon Lamp by The Moose Company | 3D glowing Lamp Home Decorative Hanging Light With Wood Holder | Warm and Cool White Dimmable Touch Control Night Light for kids room

 Moon lamp by Bam boo Differentiated Product This 2018 version of the Moon Lamp will bring a stylish twist your home or office. Our lamps are exclusively produced with the highest standards of quality. We offer a lifetime warranty. What Our Lamp Offers: The moon lamp has two different settings depending on the time of day and which setting you choose. The dim setting glows a soft yellow, which resembles the setting of the sun, and this helps your body naturally produce melatonin, and melatonin has scientifically been proven to put your mind into sleep mode.  On the other hand, however, when set in the bright setting the Moon Lamp glows like a bright day, white light gives you the feeling of the daylight and awareness. Our Moon Lamp is a perfect way to add style and flair to your office, home or bedroom showing your love for space while adding an artistic way to show it. Also, we have found that our lamp is a fun and safe addition to your child’s bedroom as a nightlight. Offering a soft glow throughout the night while also having a unique design. SPECIFICATIONS: Lighting Color: Warm Yellow & WhitePower: 0.5WBulb: LED Battery Capacity: 1200mAh (Bigger than all of the others)Charging Time: 4-5 hoursWorking Time: 8 - 30 hours What is in the Box: Moon Lamp (x1) Wooden Stand (x1) USB Cable (x1) Instructions (x1)
Dimensions: 394 x 394 x 433
Color: White
Condition: New

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