Chrome Plated Silver Flowers Bouquet and Vase w/ Red & Clear Matashi Crystals | Chrome-Plated Table Top Decorations | Metal Floral Arrangement | Elegant Home or Office Décor

This beautiful bouquet of silver flowers is sure to leave women in your life inspired with their stunning detail and gorgeous crystals. A flower bouquet is one of the most enjoyable ways to add beauty and comfort to any living or workspace; especially when that bouquet is plated in chrome and fitted with red & clear Matashi crystals! This exclusive Matashi long-stem bouquet offers flawless detail and amazing craftsmanship from the bottom of the tall vase to the tips of each flower bulb. A wondrous take on the endless beauty of flowers, this arrangement will look glorious until the end of time and you don't even need water or sunlight to keep it looking spectacular! Get one for yourself or give a silver bouquet to a loved one and show them you really care. Product Details: Silver Flower Bouquet and Vase Arrangement Clear & Red Matashi Crystals Chrome Plated Intricate Petals, Bulbs and Vase Dimensions: 5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches Stable Base Satisfaction Guaranteed Give the gift of an everlasting bouquet by clicking 'Add to Cart' above today!
Dimensions: 362 x 370 x 606
Size: Red & Clear Crystals
Color: Silver
Condition: New

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