FLT Storm Glass Weather Predictor - Weather Monitor & Forecaster – Creative Unique Drop Bottle Barometer - Home Office Decor Lamp Decorative Craft Piece, Gift Idea For Every Occasion

A Weather Forecaster That's More Accurate & Looks Better Than Your Local Weatherman!A storm glass is arguably the world's most beautiful weather forecaster is back and it looks better than ever before!Our weather barometer glass is simply the best-looking thing you can find to get an accurate forecast of the weather!Your New Favorite Piece of DécorThis weather crystal station really does look like something you'd expect to find among a wizards alchemy tools. It changes its appearance according to the weather and looks almost magical! It has a minimalist design glass container holds a mixture of distilled water, and camphor making it a must minimalist décor to add a touch of magic to every room!Whether you're looking for a fun and unique décor for your dining table or your office table, this weather station definitely impress anyone who sees it!A Fun, Creative & Unique Gift For Every OccasionWhen you've someone for a while you run out of gift ideas for something to get them on their special day. This Storm Glass Weather Forecaster makes for a unique gift for anyone with its creative design and fun changing appearance. Get this for a friend on their birthday or as a gift for girlfriend for Valentine's Day and make their day! This Weather Monitor & Forecast Station also makes for a thoughtful and fun wedding gift along with any other occasion you can think of!What Does The Change In Appearance Mean?1. If the Storm Glass is filled with flakes the weather will be cold and snowy2. If there are small dots in the liquid that means it will rain3. If there are flakes at the bottom it will be warm day4. If there are flakes and dots then a storm is coming5. If the liquid is mostly clear it will be a sunny dayWhat's Included In The Package: 1 x Solid Wood Base1 x Storm Glass1 x Elegant Gift Box
Dimensions: 490 x 510 x 1040
Size: 4.5 x 8 inches
Color: White
Condition: New

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