Large Storm Glass Liquid Barometer and Decorative Bottle in Gorgeous Wooden Gift Box | Unique Conversation Starter and Elegant Home Decor Centerpiece by Present Self

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Enter the Storm Glass The storm glass was an instrument devised in the 17th century as a weather prediction device. It is a sealed, drop-shaped glass (ours is 20cm / 8in tall) that contains a special liquid. The state of crystallization of the liquid was believed to be associated with weather patterns, making it a potentially valuable weather forecasting apparatus - especially for seafarers. It has recently been shown that the storm glass is not a reliable barometer, with temperature being the sole driver of crystallization patterns in the liquid. However, the glass has recently started gaining in popularity as a gorgeous, unique home decor item that rarely fails to spark people's imagination. Intrigue your guests with an exotic centerpiece Add to the uniqueness of your abode by placing the storm glass on a dining table, a workdesk, or any other prominent location within your home. It will please the eye on a daily basis, and serve as a fantastic conversation starter when you're having people over. Tell a fascinating story Check out our product brochure for more information on the history of the glass, and narrate a captivating story of the "FitzRoy weather prognosticator" to your guests to set the mood for your event - whatever it may be. Satisfaction guaranteed! Let us know if you're dissatisfied with anything about the purchase - and we will give you a full refund or replace the item. No risk at all on your end - we stand behind our product 100%!
Dimensions: 681 x 740 x 1602
Color: Wood and Glass
Condition: New

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