MULTIPLE LISTING OF DESIGN Each plate has it's own price. All plates come with painted screws! PLEASE NOTE!! Some plates don't have all screw holes cut out, plates will hold tight with holes and screws that are cut out! Sometimes I make the screw hole black so they are easy to see, but this does not mean the screws will be black! GFI cut out will be included for you to cover your switch if you would like. Not to be used for outlets! All my plates are a tribute to the art or artist. they are not mass produced Decorative light switch covers are a wonderful way to decorate your home without spending a fortune. These Make Great Gifts Too!! Easy to buy what you need simply click on picture to see price of each plate or use the drop down bar next to plate size. 1.Then confirm to buy and if you are buying more than 1 style plate after you confirm to buy 2. click on buy another variation. This will bring you back to listing so you can get all you need of this design. Plate sizes are: Single light - 2.75 inches wide & 4.5 inches high. GFI Rocker cover-2.75 inches wide & 4.5 inches high. Outlet cover - 2.75 inches wide & 4.5 inches high. Double light cover- 4.5 inches wide $ 4.5 inches high. Triple light cover - 6 3/8 inches wide & 4.5 inches high. Combo Light/ Outlet- 4.5 inches wide $ 4.5 inches high. Double GFi -4.5 inches wide $ 4.5 inches high. Quad light - 8 1/8" wide by 4 1/2" high. 2 light 1 outlet cover- 6 3/8"wide by 4 1/2" high. Double outlet cover - 4.5 " by 4.5" Triple GFI / Rocker - 6 3/8"wide by 4.5 " high
Dimensions: 25 x 475 x 475
Size: 2x Toggle
Color: red
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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