Fashionable Walking Stick 36 inch - Custom Wooden Cane with CELTIC TIGER Pommel

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This isn't just a walking stick but also a work of art. Besides, it's strong and durable! To make such cane used top-quality natural oak wood, which grows in the Carpathian mountains in Ukraine. This walking stick is also strengthened with a metallic spindle that allows it to endure weight more than 300lbs (we also can produce it even more strengthened, to endure up to 450lbs, please contact me if you need more strengthened cane)! It's really exclusive cane because it's totally handmade and decorated by our artistic hand-cast Melchior pommel in the shape of tiger's head with Celtic patterns. The pommel adds some vintage charm to this walking stick and transformed it to custom men's fashion accessory but not just a cane. This walking cane finished with high-quality Danish oils based on eco-friendly components and waxes, which protects the wood and accentuates its natural texture and saturated color. The anatomical shape of a handle is comfortable and strong, so this walking stick is good for everyday use but it also can be an unusual gift for whose who loves rare and vintage collectibles. This cane is 35 7/8" inches length and has dark walnut color but we accept custom orders! It can be manufactured with any length and in another color (Natural, Caramel or Dark Walnut.) Please contact me if you need custom length, color and pommel. This product is totally handmade in Ukraine. Buying it you are supporting Ukrainian crafters.
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