Adagio Sunrise Springs With Rajah Featherstone in Rustic Copper Finish and Squar

The Sunrise Springs Collection is made in the USA by Adagio Water Features. A comforting and tranquil environment is the natural result of combining soft halogen lighting over the gentle movement and sound of water in motion. The Horizontal Sunrise Springs Collection is available in Mirror, Featherstone, Marble, or Natural Slate Faces. The Hood and Tray are available in Blackened Copper, Rustic Copper, or Stainless Steel with rounded or squared edges. The water feature includes polished river rock, halogen lighting, and water pump. The heavy duty tray liners are double tested to ensure a water tight seal. The adjustable splash guard (pebble beach tray) prevents splashing, hides the pump from view, and displays our pebble beach made up of natural polished river rock. This beautiful wall mounted water feature is the perfect size and compliment for any room in your home or office.
Color: Brown
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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