Easy Gift ® Dream Catcher Decal Removable Vinyl Macbook Decal Sticker Decals Skin with Precision-cut for Apple Macbook Air Macbook Pro Mac Laptop13 Inch

Vinyl Sticker for Macbook Will fit any 13-inch Macbook. Fits on all similar-sized laptops. Can be stuck to any smooth surface including metal, windows, walls, cars, tables, and much more. Made from special EasyStick vinyl that does does not leave any residue upon removal and enables easy application. Forget everything you think you know about stickers Comparing this vinyl sticker to a normal paper sticker is like comparing a smartphone to a dial-up modem. Why? Because the sticker is made from our EasyStick vinyl.That means it is easy to apply and will not leave any residue upon removal. That said, the material performs as described on almost all surfaces we have tried. It certainly will not leave residue on your computer! Where can you stick it? Any smooth surface such as Metal, plastic, glass, wood. Laptops, cars, windows, guitars, drums, floors, ceilings, walls, fridges. Is your surface smooth? Then this vinyl sticker will stick down and keep on sticking. How do you stick it? 1. Make sure your surface is free of dust and grease. Dry the surface well. 2. Peel backing paper off the sticker. 3. Position the sticker where you want it to be. 4. Starting from the center, firmly press down on the sticker with a plastic card. 5. Pressing down firmly, work your way to the edges of the sticker. 6. Use your fingers to press down along the edges of the sticker. Want some geeky details? 1.Vinyl face film: Calendered PVC 2.Laminate face film: Monomeric calendered PVC 3.Gauge: 120 micron nominal 4.Double PE coating 5.Semi-permanent adhesive 6.Outdoor durability up to 3 years
Dimensions: 10 x 800 x 1130
Color: Dream Catcher
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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