Endless Art US Garnier EZ Gift Box. Easy to Assemble and No Glue Required. (10x10)

Endless Art US presents the future of the gift box. No more searching for wrapping paper, ribbon, or tape to wrap your gift. It is an all in one solution for your gifts. These elegant gift boxes enhance and transform your gift into a beautiful presentation. Our trendy designs add a personal touch to the gift box. The "EZ Gift Box" comes flat fitted in its solid lid with a gift tag and tissue included. Its clever patented design enable a simple and an instant pop up gift box, becoming a beautiful gift in seconds. With the Garnier Collection you will have a wonderful and joyful experience when giving a gift. These fun white boxes are dressed with colorful hollow circles. With each different color of lid, chose from red, yellow and blue. The white satin bow mounted on the lid adds elegance to the box.
Dimensions: 130 x 1000 x 1000
Size: 10x10
Color: Yellow
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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