YYAO® Dream Catcher ~ Handmade Traditional Original (shell) 6.5" Diameter 22" Long (With a Gift)

● Products include Dream catcher and Dreamcatcher Necklace. 1.Send child: let the child have a accompany. 2.Send friend: meaning life will become better and better, the dream come true. 3.Send love: life in the trivial and can not always affect us, it will slip away in the sleep, up and is a beautiful day. 4.Send yourself: we can have a dream, and strive for it, to be successful, we have to capture the dream. Dream should let it grow in the vast space, flying in the wind, it must be very beautiful. This beautiful Dream Catcher features all of the detail that personifies Native American cultural tradition. Hanging a Dream Catcher over the bed was believed to eliminate bad dreams by allowing nightmares to pass through the holes and leave through the window.
Dimensions: 100 x 700 x 700
Size: 6.5" Diameter 22" Long
Color: Black
Package quantity: 2
Condition: New

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