iBenzer - 2 in 1 Macbook Pro 13" Soft-Skin Plastic Hard Case Cover & Keyboard Cover for Macbook Pro 13" with CD-ROM (A1278), Serenity Blue MMP1301SRL+1

MacBooks are beautiful. That's why we made sure that our Apple MacBook protective casing offers maximum protection while retaining the MacBook’s aesthetics. Our casing was built to work with MacBook design elements to ensure that the sleek and minimal design of your MacBook is retained. Elegance, Function and Protection Just when you thought your Apple MacBook couldn't look any better, check out our iBenzer Protective Case and think again! iBenzer Protective Case does not only protect your Apple laptop from inevitable dings and scratches that comes with everyday use, it also further enhances its already impressive design aesthetics. Made out of high-grade transparent plastic, our protective casing was made to fit perfectly with your MacBook. It has cut-outs for all USB and ventilation ports, as well as rubberized feet hat adds a few millimeter of surface separation to maximize air circulation. It also comes in different colors to cater to your different moods and taste. Get yourself one today and start protecting your Apple MacBook in style! iBenzer Protective Case Design Features Designed in New York, the iBenzer Protective Case comes with many features that complements and enhances the look and feel of your MacBook. Two-piece lightweight design that snaps securely to your laptop and snaps off easily when needed. Protective casing comes with jack and USB ports that matches your MacBook. All ports are accessible without having the need to remove the case. Per protective case matches all the ventilation slots of your MacBook to ensure unhindered airflow to and from your laptop. Additional FREE Components Keyboard cover - The FREE keyboard cover matches the color of your protective casing
Dimensions: 120 x 910 x 1390
Size: Previous Generation MacBook Pro 13'' A1278
Color: Serenity BL
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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