6 Decorative Boxes - Italian Design Premium and Stylish Gold Saccholo Bottiglia 8.46 x 2.75 x 11.8 inches) 215

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Gift giving, as charming as it gets.Your gift will be even more memorable in this sweet adorable box that's a gift on its own! Imagine the wide eyes and even wider smiles on your party guests or recipients faces when they receive a favor or gift in a box that's as pretty and welcomed as the gift itself. Whether it's a sweet heart, or heart-melting butterfly, the peek-a-boo cutout will cheer even the glummest recipient. This is a box that will be treasured; and no doubt your recipient will love being able to light up the face of someone else in turn later on.Perfect, easy packaging and presentation, every timeHow many times have you found yourself scrambling to find packaging for your gift, only to find you're out of wrapping paper, or have a seasonal one that's not suitable, or the gift doesn't lend itself to being wrapped to begin with? You've spent time and thought selecting a gift. You've got to put it in something!A lovely, cheerful box is just the thing. No more sweating over wrinkling any wrapping paper, using too much tape, not having enough, and on and on, especially if you have a pile of favors to wrap.When you hand someone one of JGB's Italian-designed gift boxes, they know they're getting something special.Thoughtful, beautiful, durable and easy. These boxes are constructed out of substantial, quality, smooth cardboard that will stand up to being bounced around and used multiple times. With multiple sizes and designs to choose from, you're pretty much guaranteed of finding one perfect for your gift and the occasion. So, save yourself (and everyone) time, money and aggravation.Buy with complete confidence in quality and satisfaction, both.
Dimensions: 10 x 1100 x 1500
Size: Med-Large
Color: Gold
Package quantity: 6
Condition: New

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