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Murex Ramosus aka: Ramose Murex, Chicoreus Ramosus, Giant Murex With a fantastic coiling spiral of spines and sheer mass, this murex a very impressive seashell to hold. Murex Ramosus seashells are thick, heavy, savage meat eaters of a snail. They mount other sea shells and drill into them to get at the meat of clams, scallops and barnacles. In the ocean murex ramosus seashells are covered in sea moss which camouflages them perfectly in their surroundings. They are very common to the indo-pacific and live in and near shallow water reefs and wrecks. They make outstanding display shells. ALL PLANTS and SHELLS INCLUDED HERE ARE NON-ENDANGERED SPECIES AND HAVE BEEN CLEARED BY THE U.S. FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE AND CUSTOMS.   NAUTICAL CRUSH TRADING is a small business dedicated to its customers. If your purchase isn't completely satisfactory, we will exchange or return it at any time.
Dimensions: 670 x 730 x 760
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