Guangxi Chinese Teapot with Wood Handle Mottled Glaze Teapots Clay Taiwanese Teaware (marron)

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The history of teaware is ripe with interesting trivia. Did you know that in the nineteenth century there was a fad for the moustache cups with a semicircular ledge inside which served as a guard to keep moustaches dry? Well, some trends come and go but love for China ceramic teaware is timeless. And our glazed teapot will perfectly complement any tea set. The shape of this teapot provides even distribution of heat and allows tea leaves to unfold fully while steeping. The thick clay walls keep tea hot for a long time. The wide opening of the oblong slightly narrowing spout facilitates quick pouring. Use, cleaning and storage tips Unless you start to see mold, it is best not to wash the ceramic teaware regularly but to simply rinse it after use. Clay is porous and fragrant elements of a tea stay inside the pores and come out for the next brewings. That's why you should reserve your ceramic teaware for one family of tea only. The exceptions to this rule is the ceramic teaware that is glazed inside. Clay teaware is traditionally used only for oolong and pu-erh teas, and some Chinese black ones. When displaying ceramics in cabinets, make sure they are not too crowded and aren't touching each other. "Pacific tea" is based in Hong Kong and strictly follows old traditions of tea culture. Our company has been wholesaling tea and teaware for about 130 years all over the world. Among our customers there are Chinese communities and restaurants, tea clubs and embassies. We are proud of the tea tradition in China, and eager to show people the difference between ordinary tea drinking and savoring each drop of the lovely tea in the best Asian style.
Dimensions: 461 x 520 x 539
Color: marron
Condition: New

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