InnoLife - Eco-Friendly Colorfull Premium Silicone Rubber High Temperature Heat Resistant Round Design Ashtray (Yellow)

This great product is formulated from special silicone rubber, so the ashtray is resistant to burning and melting. Meaning you can put your cigarettes out on it. You can squeeze it, bend it and bounce it off your wall, this ashtray won't break, it really is made of rubber. Much better than glass ones which we are accustomed to.  Features:Made of the highest quality silicone.- High temperature resistant; up to 230°C - Easy to clean; can be washed by dishwasher- Bendable & Unbreakable- Eco-friendly- Dimension: 3.2" (dia) x 0.9" (h)- Color : Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, Brown- Weight : ~51gPackage Content:6 Silicone Ashtray
Dimensions: 130 x 790 x 1200
Color: Yellow
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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