Blue 1950's Style Spaghetti Lamp, Electric Dimmer-Controlled, with fragrance warmer, with Free Replacement Halogen Bulb

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Enjoy decorating and scenting your home with this beautiful double globe halogen lamp with fragrance dish. Like the Spaghetti Lamps of the 1950's, acrylic is hand-spun into intricate shades that glimmer and reflect the light for a beautiful effect. USAGE AND MAINTENANCE Turn the dimmer control to choose light intensity For fragrance use we recommend the lower settings; high setting is too hot for fragrances to last. If you like to leave your lamp on for extended periods we also recommend the medium and low settings; your bulbs and lamp will last longer. Handle halogen bulb with a clean cloth or glove, oils from bare fingers will cause the bulb to burn out prematurely. If a bulb becomes soiled, wipe clean with alcohol and lint free cloth. If you choose to use fragrance, there are many choices: fragrance oils, waxes, gels or crystals. You can also fill the dish with water and add a few drops of essential oil. Be careful to not spill onto bulb. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Do not leave unattended on high setting Halogen bulbs burn hot, use caution around children and pets and keep away from flammable objects Keep fragrance dish on lamp when turned on. BENEFITS OF HALOGEN LIGHTING Halogen bulbs burn brighter than standard incandescent bulbs, closely mimicking the spectrum of natural sunlight. They make people and furnishings look their best.Halogen bulbs last longer than incandescents. The life span of halogen bulbs is not affected by frequent on and off switching. They contain no mercury or other harmful chemicals so there is no danger if a bulb breaks. Halogen bulbs are used in light therapy to treat depression and a variety of mood disorders. Some people believe that halogen lighting elevates their mood. We make no such claims about our lamps, but many customers report positive feelings. We are grateful to sell a product that makes people happy!
Dimensions: 660 x 1240 x 1300
Size: 12 in. tall x 10.5 in. wide
Color: Light Blue
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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