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What could go wrong if you drop a piece of paper on the floor? Do you think it will break into thousands of pieces? Nothing will probably go wrong by just dropping a piece of paper. Now, the question is, what would happen if you unintentionally dropped a fine china plate on the floor?

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There will only be a slight chance that the chinaware piece will survive the accident without damage. If you have a china cabinet, you already know how beautiful, elegant, and delicate it is. Often, it comes with sentimental and costly chinaware; this becomes one of your highly treasured possessions.

How to Pack Your Curved China Cabinet: Step-By-Step Guide

There comes the phase you'll need to relocate and have challenges in moving your china cabinet. Now you are looking at how to transfer a curved glass china cabinet to another house to avoid damage. Even with a single wrong move, your furniture can break into small pieces.

We have the answer on how you can move your fine china cabinet. All your movement for the packing must be coordinated and logical. Be knowledgeable of the steps and guidance in moving your china cabinet from one place to another.

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Before you start packing and moving your china cabinet, it is always advisable to remove all the items inside the cabinet as it is fragile and can easily break. The easiest and safest way to pack a china cabinet is to get the most excellent quality of packing materials, never skimp on the packing materials, and always follow the basic rules in packing fragile goods.

Finest Packing Supplies

Having the highest quality of china packing materials is one of the essential things to pack your chinaware safely and efficiently. You won't want to carry your china cabinet and directly move it. It will be a careless move, which is one of the most common mistakes movers make.

Here are Well-Known Packing Materials:

  • Bubble wrap - It's an air-filled plastic supply that is great for protecting any crystal glasses or chinaware. When fragile objects are being transferred from one location to the next, bubble wrap is typically thought to offer the best security.
  • Dish boxes - With their double layer of solid corrugated cardboard, they will provide the highest level of protection for any breakables. You can obtain such customized moving containers from a local transport company or an office supply store in your area.
  • Packing paper - As the initial security method for your precious chinaware, be sure the packaging paper you obtain is soft enough.

How to Prepare Chinaware for a Transfer: Eight Essential Steps

Here are the procedures to show you how to pack a beautiful china cabinet when moving to a new home, assuming you have the necessary packing supplies:

  1. The sides and bottoms of the cardboard boxes you've selected to transfer your chinaware should be reinforced. This precaution ensures that the containers do not shatter, even if they are entirely new.
  2. Before actually loading the boxes, place handfuls of scrap paper on the base. Newsprint is a fantastic alternative here because you can't pack chinaware in newspapers because of the potential for ink stains. Still, you can utilize it as an insulator and add safety.
  3. Place one good dish in the centre of a few pieces of packing paper - two to three pieces will suffice.
  4. Pull the paper stack's edges over the plate for a while until the plate is covered. Bind the paper edges together with packing tape.
  5. Pack a single sheet of Bubble wrap around the package and secure it with a bit of tape.
  6. Repeat this process with the remaining chinaware you have in your china cabinet. When everything is ready, start putting the wrapped parts in their containers.
  7. Put the covered china plates on their sides in the containers; if you lay them flat, the pressure of the plates above may harm the plates beneath. Begin with the lighter, delicate porcelain plates and work your way up to the heavier dishes.
  8. A dish box can typically offer a second row of packaged chinaware, which you will reap the benefits of, but not before separating the two existing rows with a couple of pieces of Bubble wrap.

How to Prepare China Cabinet for Transfer: Seven Essential Tips

Here is an easy tip to move your curved china cabinet:

  • Remove the wooden or glass shelves from the china cabinet first, wrap them individually in a package, and place them inside one of the compartments to retain them with the china cabinet throughout travel.
  • Next, flip any projecting door handles inside the door to keep the cabinet door flat in front when shut. It keeps the china cabinet from snapping off during the transfer.
  • When the china cabinet is wrapped, lay a pad equally across the top, square off the edges, and secure the packing with tape.
  • Next, drape a pad over the middle of the pieces and secure it with adhesive, allowing enough padding at the base to protect the legs afterwards.
  • Since the rear of the china cabinet does not have a finishing that requires comprehensive protection, you will only use the pad to protect the sides and front.
  • The cabinet's legs must be padded by leaning against the wall at its fulcrum balancing point. Whenever a component is positioned on its fulcrum point, it may support itself against the wall. For the mover, it's practically weightless.
  • Finally, it would be best to cover the glass cabinet doors with cardboard.

Now How to Move a Curved Glass China Cabinet

It's best advised that you hire a professional or have someone to help. Remember to always use proper lifting technique when moving the china cabinet. Even if you are moving it only a few feet, moving this large piece of furniture can be extremely difficult. Plus, if you are not careful you may injure yourself or damage the china cabinet or another piece of furniture.


In conclusion, we hope this article was able to shed insight into everything you needed to know about how to move a curved glass china cabinet. The china cabinet has been well-padded and cardboard and is now set to be moved. You may securely pack a china cabinet for transferring directly as you already know the easiest way to do it. On the other hand, a skilled mover will be able to do the task in a much faster, safer, and more effective way. You may contact a mover if you cannot do the packing by yourself or are afraid to do it.

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